Papa John's Jack-O-Lantern Pizza Is Back

It's topped with pepperoni and black olives.

papa john's jack o lantern pizza 2021
Courtesy of Papa John's

Halloween is just days away, and it's sure to be a busy weekend. Whether you're taking a brood of tiny goblins trick-or-treating or partying with your ghoul pals, there's going to be limited time for getting in the kitchen and whipping anything up. If you're going to order out, at least order something festive, like Papa John's Jack-O-Lantern pizza.

The adorable pumpkin-shaped pizza is back by popular demand after being introduced to the masses in 2020. It features a thin crust, Papa John's signature sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and black olives arranged to make an adorably spooky jack-o-lantern face. The pie is only available in a large, so you'll need to either bring your appetite or go in with your crew.

Papa John's Jack-O-Lantern pizza is only available for a limited time. Customers will be able to order it through October 31, meaning you can bring it to any and all Halloween gatherings you're going to this weekend. Each pie costs about $11.

Once Halloween is over, and it's time to pack away your life-size skeletons and toss your rotten gourds, Papa John's will return to slinging its standard circular pizzas. Sure they taste the same, but what's life without food in fun shapes?

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