Buy One Pizza, Get Two Free at Papa John's Because It's National Pizza Month

This deal will make you feel like that genius who got more than a million airline miles from buying a little pudding. It's not a direct National Pizza Month promotion, but Papa John's will have you celebrating in your own way.

Peyton Manning's favorite pepperoncini-slinging pizza chain has a deal running right now for buy one get one free pizza. That's any size you want. You buy one, you get one of equal or lesser value for free. No promo code needed. It's just sitting there right on the site.

Once you've created your pizzas, you move to the checkout. There you can partake in yet another deal. Pay with Visa Checkout and you'll get a large one-topping pizza for free. So, you've bought one pizza and are getting two for free. You're having a pizza party.

The second free pizza will arrive in your inbox the day after your order. You'll get a promo code, and it can be used up to 30 days after your initial order. The Visa Checkout deal says it's available "for a limited time," but neither deal has a stated end date. You can be sure it's a limited time thing on both fronts, though.

National Pizza Month is just a few days old, and it's already shaping up to be better than National Oatmeal Month. (Of course, that's a real thing.)

[h/t Don't Waste Your Money]

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