Someone Just Wore a Parachute Onto Their Spirit Airlines Flight

A TikTok featuring the unusual carry-on recently went viral.

A traveler just went viral on TikTok for bringing his own parachute onto his Spirit Airlines flight.

Before you start pointing fingers, the traveler in question didn't do anything illegal. According to TSA guidelines, passengers are allowed to carry parachutes both as a carry-on and a checked baggage. However, as the rules read, "parachutes should always be packed separately from other baggage."

The traveler in question did just that. As the video—which has racked up more than one million views to date—shows, the passenger is seen boarding the plane with their backpack on while carrying a parachute as carry-on luggage. Once they get to their seat, they correctly store it in the overhead bin, and nobody seems to bat an eye.

"Not my husband bringing his parachute on Spirit Airlines just in case [laughing emoji]," reads the overtext of the video, which was shot and posted by the parachute-equipped traveler's wife. A quick look at the comments, though, will prove that the poster was, in fact, just joking.

"You guys, he's probably bringing it on the plane so it doesn't get lost/[he has] to pay for it," points out one commenter. The original poster agreed. "Omg someone finally with common sense," she said.

Meanwhile, other commenters think this passenger was onto something, with one commenting "Why don't  [airlines] provide parachutes just in case!!!!"

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