This Video of a Paraglider Getting Thrown Around by a Dust Devil Is Insane

The thrill of extreme sports -- like skydiving, or skiing with a parachute, or leaving the house -- is that something could go wrong. Mostly, it doesn't. But sometimes it does, and the video above is of one of those times. It could've been far worse, but, man, does this look like an absolutely horrifying experience.

What you're seeing is a paraglider in northern New South Wales getting whipped around by a dust devil. The man was among 40 others paragliding from what the Australian publication ABC reports is a popular launching point in Mount Borah in Manilla. The whirlwind arose out of nowhere and swept across where they were gathered.

As he was tossed around, others below him -- including his wife, who filmed the video and can be heard screaming, "Is he okay?" -- tried to secure their launch mats and keep tabs on him. Thankfully, he turned out to be okay once the dust devil passed.

In fact, he continued on with the 180km flight anyway.

h/t ABC, Mashable

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