Paragliding Behind a Semi Looks Perilous and Super Fun

Published On 12/02/2016 Published On 12/02/2016

There are some things that look amazingly fun but are probably best left to a professional. Paragliding behind a semi up the side of mountain falls into that category. But that doesn't mean you can't be in awe of some insane, incredibly talented person pulling it off.

While it may be an ad for Volvo Trucks and how they're able to maintain speeds, for everyone who is not a long-haul trucker, this new video from Volvo is amazing for a totally different reason. Volvo brought in pro paraglider Guillaume Galvani and strapped him to the back of a semi truck to perform the crazy feat in the video above.

The most impressive part may be that he and driver Louise Marriott are working so tightly together that they can thread Galvani under a bridge as the truck climbs up the Alps in Croatia. That and everything else about how well he can control the situation and manage to not fall on his face when his feet hit the pavement. 

It's a pretty beautiful video. Watch the finished product above and then get a glimpse behind the scenes in the video below.

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