People Are Poking Fun at the Paris 2024 Olympics Logo

The design would like to speak to the manager immediately.

We're only about halfway through the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, but some folks are already looking ahead to 2024. The logo for the Paris 2024 games had made the rounds in recent days, and people can't help but point out that it bears a striking resemblance to someone we all know and don't necessarily love: a Karen. Yes, that kind of Karen. 

The Paris 2024 logo actually debuted back in October 2019, but it's got people talking now. The logo, as reported by Insider, is an optical illusion. It's meant to look like a gold medal, an Olympic flame, and Marianne, the symbol of the French Republic, which represents the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity, per the French government. The people of the internet spotted the woman in the logo, but think she looks more like a Karen than Marianne.

There are, of course, other theories. Like this one, which claims that the logo is actually based on Victoria Beckham's long-forgotten, but still iconic 2007 haircut. 

That tracks, but it's clear that neither Karen nor the former Spice Girl were the real inspiration behind the logo. Pierre-Olivier Beckers-Vieujant, chair of the International Olympic Committee Coordination Commission, discussed the design with the BBC back in 2019. He explained, at the time, that the logo is representative of French values, which we're guessing don't include a desire to speak to the manager. 

"The combination of the gold medal, the Olympic flame, and Marianne brings together the values, history, and French touch that will make these Olympic Games truly special," he said. "I believe that this innovative design will be quickly recognized around the world and be a wonderful calling card for the Olympic Games Paris 2024."

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