The Final Batch of Tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympics Just Went on Sale

There are tickets available for all sessions, including those that were previously sold out.

paris 2024 olympics
Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images
Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images

Sports fans know the drill. If you want to be in attendance at the Paris Olympics next summer—which begin on July 26, 2024—you have to start making plans right now.

The reasons are many. In the unfortunate event that you didn't notice yet, Paris hotel prices are already skyrocketing for the dates that coincide with the Games, with some rates already seeing a 300% increase. Plus—and here's the biggest issue—tickets are, of course, limited, and many travelers and sports enthusiasts around the world have been seeking them out.

If you thought that it was too late to snag a few tickets to your favorite Olympics events, though, don't fret—we have good news for you. The Paris 2024 Organizing Committee just released more than 400,000 new tickets for all Olympic and Paralympic sports, and you can get them on a first-come, first-served basis. And don't worry—no session is excluded, since even the ones that were previously sold out are now available for purchase through the new batch.

Now is the time to buy them if you want to attend the Olympics, though. According to an official statement of the organizing committee, this is the last time tickets for all sessions will be released and available. You can even plan to get them for your friends, too—the purchase limit per person is pretty high, standing at 30 tickets per account.

"All sports will be back on sale, for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, to experience up close the performances of the greatest athletes in the world, the iconic moments of the Games—including all the finals," organizers said in an official statement. "With the end-of-year festivities just a few weeks away, this is a unique opportunity to gift—or treat yourself—to an exceptional experience, with tickets to the Paris 2024 Games."

Even if you manage to snag tickets and secure a hotel in your budget, you'd still better keep a close watch on your finances during your time in Paris. Hotels in Paris aren't the only thing that's going to be more expensive  than usual during the Games. As Reuters reports, even Paris metro tickets will become more expensive, and they will almost double in price during the Games, standing at 4 euros (roughly $4.35) per single ride instead of the usual 2.10 euros (roughly $2.29).

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