Someone Just Successfully Cooked Shrimp in an Airplane Bathroom Sink

For the sake of your fellow passengers and humanity, please do not do this.

The internet has been steadily declining ever since corporate hacks realized that every single corner of it could be monetized. Whether that's from ads or from harvesting all of our personal data so that we can get even more ads, it seems like the pure chaos you could find online is largely disappearing.

But there's at least one guy who is keeping the internet very weird. Known as @Barfly7777 on TikTok, this dude is committed to making kind of normal food in really weird places. Think: using an iron to make Steakums, preparing baby back ribs in a hotel room, and doing so much food prep in bathroom sinks. But Mr. Barfly's most recent TikTok creation has certainly gone above and beyond on the grossness and weirdness scale.

Barfly starts the video by saying that he has a "terrible idea." And oh God, is it terrible. First, we see him assemble the Great Value ingredients for Garlic Shrimp and Mash. Not particularly my favorite meal, but OK. It is the next full minute of the video that is really disturbing. Barfly takes these ingredients and two six-volt batteries and some wires onto an airplane.

I won't begin to wonder how he was able to get the wires and batteries through TSA—it prompts too many questions. But he makes it through security and onto a Delta flight, where he proceeds to take bathroom sink cooking to the next—and grossest—level.

In the bathroom he hooks up the battery and wiring, fills the sink with water, and pretty quickly gets really hot water by putting the wiring into the water. Then he lets the shrimp cook for a few minutes, before adding the instant mash. Then, he takes all of this, transports it in one of the airplane's unused barf bags, and carries it back to his seat. Where he eats it.

Now, for my sanity and his stated purpose of creative filming, I'm choosing to believe that he did not, in fact, eat the bathroom mash. As a travel reporter, one of the things I am too intimately aware of is just how dirty airplanes are. Most flights are only deep cleaned once a month. For commuter flights, there's often a not-very-extensive clean of the bathrooms between flights. A generous assumption is that the plane bathrooms get a quick disinfection between flights. Even then, that doesn't account for the passengers who may have used the restroom before him. Plus—and don't Google this if you don't want to be forever kind of grossed out—the germs that get circulated any time a toilet flush are only amplified in such a small bathroom.

With more than 700,000 views on TikTok plus countless shares on X, it's clear that the video achieved its desired effect: It is viral. And not to knock another man's yum, but oh my good lord please never try to replicate this at home. For starters, I'm certain that no one should try bringing in batteries and wires through airport security. You won't even get the chance to get some sort of rare bacterial infection by eating airplane sink shrimp, because you're likely going to be detained and questioned at length. While you can bring 6V batteries according to the TSA, it requires special instruction. And a combination of wires and batteries? That is playing with a lot of proverbial fire.

For all his risk of creating a biohazard incident and making me lose my breakfast this morning, I'll credit Mr. Barfly just one thing: He's keeping the internet very, very weird.

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