Plane Passenger Caught With 20 Hidden Snakes in His Bags

Not one of the 20 snakes in a bag. | LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images
Not one of the 20 snakes in a bag. | LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images

You never know who you'll end up next to on a plane. It could be a man with an "unbearable stench," a couple joining the mile-high club in full view of the cabin, or, apparently, even a man with 20 snakes hidden in his bags.  

That was the case on a recent flight from Germany to Russia. Employees at Moscow Airport discovered the stowed-away snakes in a passenger's bags upon his arrival in Russia. The reptiles were then quarantined in Moscow as a precaution because he lacked the required documentation, but they're reported to be non-venomous. Either way, though, a secret snake is a bad snake.

“The reptiles were in canisters, packed in bags, carried in hand luggage. There were no documents provided for the reptiles,” Sheremetyevo International Airport’s press service said in a statement cited by Newsweek. “The species of snakes will be determined by specialists, but according to preliminary information they are not of a venomous species.”

The man revealed that he'd obtained the reptiles at a market in Germany. Apparently, it's not actually illegal to bring snakes on planes, but you are supposed to get approval for it.

On the whole, though, it's best to leave snakes off planes. Or even better, just shoot them all into space.

h/t The Local, RP Online, Newsweek

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