Patròn Just Launched Its Most 'Prestigious' Tequila Yet

The Patrón El Alto is rare and boasts a blend of aged Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo.

Patrón has already built a standing reputation in the booze industry for its renowned weber blue agave-derived tequila. It's the bottle you'll find situated front and center on consumer bar carts, thanks to its legacy status among similar buzzy celebrity brands.

But now, Patrón is deviating from its tried-and-true price class with a foray into the prestige category. After nearly four years and 300 tastings, legendary Master Distiller David Rodriguez has officially launched the highly-anticipated Patrón El Alto. 

The tequila, which is still produced with the same 100% weber blue agave in Jalisco, Mexico, features a blend of Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo for a naturally smooth, sweet taste. The Patrón El Alto features notes of figs, honey, caramel, dried fruit, and vanilla. 

"Patrón Al Alto stays true to Patrón Tequila's traditional roots in distilling while innovating in a way that achieves the best blended, aged tequila profile possible," Master Distiller David Rodriguez said in the press release. "The tequilas that harmoniously come together in Patrón El Alto are a result of selecting the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave in the highest parts of Jalisco, Mexico, a territory known for producing the sweetest agaves, which gives Patrón El Alto its incredibly smooth and sweet taste. We took four years to focus on only the best of the best and perfect the bold, sweet flavors of this expression the right way: naturally."

Courtesy of Patrón

Now, what exactly makes this bottle so different from its predecessors? It's rare and masterfully aged, and each sleek aqua-blue bottle costs $179. That latter fact has led Patrón into an entirely new category of prestige.

What discerns the label is the price. A "super-premium" bottle will run you just $26 to $39.99, while anything "premium"—that's your typical Patrón—falls between the $40 and $89.99 range. "Prestige," however, is classified as the crème de la crème and encompasses the tequila you'll find priced at $90 and above, such as Don Julio 1942. 

"Patrón El Alto honors the effort of every proud PATRÓN familia member involved—from the agave selection to the distillation and aging—in creating a tequila so naturally sweet and balanced," Vice President of Marketing D-J Hageman added in the release. "In true Patrón style, Master Distiller David Rodriguez cut no corners and took care, attention, and time to create the pinnacle of perfection at Patrón. And now, with the strong return of nights spent out since the start of the pandemic, Patrón El Alto comes at a perfect time, bringing people together for extraordinary moments of celebration and encouraging those who wish to experience the very best of everything."

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.