Patrón Has Margarita Kits It'll Send Right to Your Door

Make a plan, order everything you need for margaritas.

Patrón margarita kit delivery
Photo courtesy of Patrón

Cinco de Mayo is rolling up this week. Many bars are opening their doors again as more and more people have received vaccinations against COVID-19. 

Still, there are plenty of reasons you might be looking to make margaritas at home this week. You can always hit the store and get everything you need. But, as with just about anything, there are companies looking to conveniently drop everything you need at your door. Count Patrón among the many. It has put together the Patrón x JonBoy Margarita Collection kit to help you make a Fresh Ink Smoked Margarita. 

The kit is going to show up loaded with Patrón Silver, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, agave nectar, smoked paprika, smoked sea salt, and limes for garnish. You can put together something a step up from your basic margarita with all the ingredients landing in your lap from Cocktail Courier

Though, of course, you're paying a little extra versus what you'd probably pay if you swung down the store. (Likely more than one store if you're trying to replicate this recipe.) A version that makes four cocktails will run you $73, and the Deluxe, which makes six, runs $97. On the other hand, you're getting a recipe and ingredients, and no is making you tell your guests you got it all in the mail. No one will (probably) know if you pretend that you just whipped this together off the top of your head, no big whoop.

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