This 'RHONY' Husband's Vietnam Travel Vlog Is Making Us Very Hungry

The reality star's 30-hour mileage run involved some incredible cuisines and creature comforts.

This season on Bravo's Real Housewives of New York, the brand new cast fought about flying first class vs. coach, stolen phones, and just about everything else on a drama-filled trip to Anguilla. But none of the weirdly travel-adjacent squabbles were as juicy as the ongoing beef about a 30-hour trip to Vietnam that RHONY cast member Jessel Taank's husband, Pavit Randhawa, planned to take.

Turns out the ladies weren't quite sold on the idea of a mileage run. If you're as uninitiated as the rest of the cast, a mileage run is a trip planned solely for the purpose of increasing your airline status. Despite Taank's support for her husband's quest, the rest of the cast wasn't buying it.

Eyebrows were raised and accusations flew about the real purpose of his trip all season long. But now, just after the series' season 14 finale aired on Sunday, the househusband responded this week with an epic vlog-style rundown of his now infamous trip to Vietnam.

The itinerary, as Randhawa explained to the group *several* times, centered around eating a perfect bánh mi and racking up some loyalty points while doing it. It also didn't hurt that he'd be making the journey in Cathay Pacific's ridiculously swanky first-class cabin, all at a significant (95%!) discount thanks to a highly-publicized mistake fare, which Randhawa previously detailed on his social media.

So after drinking champagne and throwing shade at another housewife's decision to pair caviar with Pringles, he hit the streets of Ho Chi Minh City and visited seven different eateries in just over a day.

Two sandwiches, vermicelli noodles, a brothy bowl of bún bò huế, a spread of Vietnamese barbecue that included goat testicles, a second dinner of seafood and baby duck eggs, broken rice with fried eggs, and, oh yeah, another bánh mi later, his controversial culinary mileage run was complete.

We'll leave any questions on whether this much food implies anything to Andy Cohen and the rest of the cast. Instead, we're just trying to get in on the next 30-hour food tour with everyone's new favorite househusband.

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