PBR Made a Winter Jacket That Holds 12 Hidden Beers


The biggest dilemma faced by self-identifying ski and snowboard bros today isn't a dwindling supply of snow, but how to pack a sufficient amount of beer on the slopes. Carving down a mountainside is challenging without ample liquid courage, which is why Pabst Blue Ribbon made a jacket that packs an astounding 12 incognito beers. 

Gone are the days of packing a measly six pack in your jacket. The beer company partnered with 686 to bring this bro garment to reality. The jacket, aptly called the 686xPBR Sixer, has all the modern tech to keep you warm amid frigid mountain conditions, such as Air-Flo™ Mesh Lined Under Arm Vents, and other features that sound warm too. 

The jacket debuted last September, which admittedly was a strange time to release a ski jacket. This winter marks the first time you can wear this PB-armor on a mountain. 

But the most important specs, specifically those which are most likely to get bros amped, pertain to a dozen beers. The jacket conceals as many as 12 tall cans, which is more than enough suds to get you and a thirsty crew hyped on "shredding the gnar," or "boosting sweet aerials." This thing is riddled with pockets, as 686 writes: "Insulated cooler front pockets and chest pockets hold a true six pack secure to the exterior while four concealed mesh tallcan [sic] pockets line the interior out of sight, but not out of reach."

There's another insulated tall can on the inside next to the chest, so you can keep your beer close to your heart, where it belongs.

The jacket costs $250, which is certainly a fair price to bring a hidden treasure chest of beer with you onto a ski resort, where beers are infinitely more expensive than most other places.

[h/t Bro Bible]

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