PBR Is Hiding Easter Kegs in Cities Around the U.S.

PBR will hide festive kegs in four cities, and one could be yours.

pbr easter keg hunt
Image courtesy of Callen

There are a lot of traditions observed around Easter. The most important is the Easter egg hunt. (Even the President has to have one every year.) If you, an adult human, are too embarrassed to run around the yard looking for colorful eggs full of M&Ms, you may not have to get completely frozen out of the tradition.

PBR is bringing that joy to adults, kind of. It is hosting an Easter keg hunt in four cities. Yes, a treasure hunt for 15.5 gallons of beer, mostly, it appears, because egg and keg rhyme. Pabst will be decorating kegs and hiding them in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Tampa, and Portland. Get out on Saturday, April 16, find that pastel-painted keg, and it’s all yours. 

The kegs are “carefully tucked away around each city,” and it’s all yours if you’re the first person over 21 to track one down. If you don’t know where to start because a city is a big place, PBR will be posting clues to its social channels and will have a "street team" on-site to dole out clues to confused Easter keg hunters. If there’s a tie in the race for the keg, the impromptu Elmer Fudds will have to decide who gets it in a trivia contest. (PBR confirms to Thrillist that there are representatives on-site near each hidden keg, and there may be more than one per city.)

It's all a little vague, but a PBR representative tells Thrillist the brewery doesn't "want to give too much away."

The winner, in addition to getting a colorful keg of PBR, receives a gift card for another keg of PBR. You’ll have it just in time to mint a new Easter tradition.

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