PBR Just Launched a Line of Higher-THC Cannabis Drinks

PBR got into weed drinks last year, and there are going to be even more of them this year.

PBR high seltzer 10mg
Photo courtesy of PBR
Photo courtesy of PBR

In late 2020, the PBR name debuted on a new cannabis drink from Pabst LabsPabst Blue Ribbon High Seltzer was born (and was only available in California to the chagrin of many). 

The cannabis-infused non-alcoholic seltzer contained 5mg of THC, and it came in just one flavor, lemon. Now, Pabst Labs is expanding the line with 10mg cannabis drinks and three new flavors. It's the antidote to feeling burnt out by the deluge of hard seltzers that have flooded shelves already this year. 

The 10mg version will not only be more potent, but it will come in Strawberry Kiwi, Raspberry, and Mango. You'll also be able to get the lemon flavor with 10mg of THC or the original 5mg version.

"The PBR brand has been quickly welcomed into the cannabis space as a beverage that can be enjoyed by both new and experienced users," Pabst Labs Brand Manager Mark Faicol said in a statement. "Since the debut of PBR High Seltzer, more experienced consumers have been outspoken about their desire for a higher THC dose offering. We’ve been listening and are proud to offer an elevated experience through our new 10mg THC PBR High Seltzer, and are ecstatic to offer it to them at the same price point alongside the original 5mg Lemon High Seltzer."

The low-cost beer has had its familiar blue ribbon on a whole lot of new labels over the last couple of years. It's not just the cheapest beer in the bar anymore. You'll find it on Hard Coffee, Hard Teahard seltzers, Hard Cold Brew, non-alcoholic beers, and even whiskey. PBR seems to be working toward giving you a whole new vibe that doesn't involve it solely being part of the local bar's $5 beer and a shot promotion.

The 10mg and 5mg versions of the lemon-flavored High Seltzer are available in some California dispensaries now. You can also order it online in California through Pabstlabs.com. The three new flavors will hit shelves this summer. 

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