This Thirsty Peacock Destroyed $500 of Booze at a Liquor Store

Los Angeles is home to more feral peacocks than you'd probably like to imagine. Sometimes, these vibrantly colored birds do damage, like the thirsty peacock that wandered into a liquor store this week and proceeded to smash $500 worth of wine and champagne. 

As the Associated Press reports, store manager Rani Ghanem didn't notice the peahen until a customer asked him about the presence of "el pollo," which actually means "chicken" in Spanish. Close enough. Ghanem was basically assaulted by the bird when it flew directly into his face. The peacock then nestled in a corner by the ceiling, leering at customers in that angry peacock sort of way. Not up for the task of corralling the bird on his own, Ghanem called animal control.

An officer responded, but had a hard time wrestling this determined-ass intruder into a net. Amid the ensuing battle, wine and champagne bottles went tumbling from shelves, with damage nearing a $500 mess. Most of the hooch destroyed was from the store's more expensive inventory. “He tried to get it again with the net ... It just went straight diving into all the bottles. The more he kept on trying to use the net, the more it kept on flapping its wings and knocking everything over,” Ghanem said. 

Ghanem put on a sweatshirt to protect himself from the peacock's claws, and helped the animal control officer apprehend the feisty suspect. The peacock was transported to safety, while the store manager had to fetch the mop and contend with the puddle of booze on the floor. Such is life in the sunny land of peacock mischief. 

[h/t Associated Press via Jezebel]   

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