The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Burger Looks Weird, But It's Probably Delicious

Published On 10/27/2015 Published On 10/27/2015

With the recent news that red meat (and other related deliciousness) may contain carcinogens -- thus making them incredibly harmful to your body -- there are two ways to move forward: meat-lovers can either go the abstinence route, and strive to cut out or at least cut back on burgers and the like. Or, they can say fuck it all and double down on the bad stuff, because you only live once and chicks dig scars and only the good die young and all that other stuff Billy Joel probably sang about before.

For those in the latter school of thought, Canada (of all countries) birthed a burger monstrosity, loosely based around Halloween/Canadian Nut Day (peanuts aren't even a nut!) that combine two of (North) America's favorite culinary guilty pleasures -- the burger, and the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup -- into one gooey mountain of artery-blocking loveliness.

The Works, a semi-prominent gourmet Canadian burger chain, known for its patty-based experiments, has one-upped itself by not only sticking Peanut Butter Cups atop the already decked-out burger (crispy onions, bacon, etc.), but stuffing peanut butter and chocolate inside of the burger (juicy lucy style) to complete the loaded sweet and savory venture. They're calling it the PBC. Let's look to social media to get a glimpse of this sucker, shall we?

Let's skip the corporate hype and go straight to Mr. Heliotis' commentary. "Kind of good and gross at the same time." First off, that sounds like my Friday night. Second, that's pretty much exactly what I was expecting. For those with the taste-bud fortitude needed, and the proximity to the greater-Ontario-area required, please tackle this seemingly inhuman piece of sugar and fat, and let us know how it was. And also, if you need anyone to call the hospital for you.

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