Oreo's Newest Big Flavor Is Peeps


When Oreo came out with a limited edition Swedish Fish flavor last year, it seemed like most people fell into one of two main camps: those who thought they sounded gross, or those who had basically been waiting their entire lives for the candy-cookie mashup. Now, the milk-friendly cookie company is unleashing another iconic candy-based flavor that's similarly sure to divide junk food consumers everywhere: Peeps

Months after rumors first suggested a Peeps flavor was in the works, Oreo has finally unveiled the bright pink, sugary marshmallow blob-flavored sandwich cookies just in time for Easter candy season. The candy-cookie hybrids are set to hit Walmart store shelves nationwide on February 22, although it looks like they're also available at various other grocery stores and retailers. People are already selling packages of them on eBay, too, of course. 

As you can see via the packaging (shown above), the Peeps Oreos are made with two golden cookies with a bright pink marshmallow Peeps-flavored creme in the middle. The filling appears to have a gritty, sugary texture similar to a typical Peep, although it's bound to look different in real life. So far, it's unclear if the filling also features Peeps' strange, slightly bitter food coloring-like flavor, too, but either way, the cookies will likely be just as polarizing as the chick-shaped marshmallows. 

Anyway, if Peeps-flavored Oreos sound like your jam, then cheers to many glasses of pink milk. Or, if you really want to go crazy, dip 'em in some of this Peeps-flavored milk

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and thought the Swedish Fish Oreo flavor was weird... Send news tips to news@thrillist.com and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.