Someone Drew a Penis So Big It Appears on Google Maps

There's a lot of talk on Twitter about Big Dick Energy this week for reasons that are complicated, irrelevant, and hilarious. But let's set the record straight: Any talk about BDE is suspect if it's not taking into account this Australian penis so big you can see it from Google Maps

The incredible discovery was made and shared by the Facebook page Take The Piss Geelong on Monday morning.

On the map, it's marked as Batoota Lake, and Batoota is apparently a ghost town in Australia, not just a funny word. The masterpiece of sketching (you can't help but admire the confidence of line here) was made using a dry lakebed for a canvas, according to the Geelong Advertiser. It's unclear at this time what implement was used to make the implement. 

It's also important to note that the location has received many five-star reviews accompanied by thoughtful commentary like "Great to see such a firm Australian erection" and "pretty good size. (of lake).”

But it's unlikely we'll ever know for sure who made this etching.

(It was aliens.)

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