Smart People Are Selling Car Rides to Lazy Pokémon Go Players

Although the whole point of Pokémon Go is to get off your ass and actually go out for a walk to catch Pokémon, people have already come up with brilliant ways to play the wildly popular game without leaving their homes. And now, it looks like at least a handful of smart people are hoping to capitalize on the Snorlax-like laziness by selling car rides to players who don't want to walk. Really. 

As explained in a report by Gizmodo, drivers across the country are now offering Uber-like car rides to Pokémon Go players via Craigslist listings, because heaven forbid you break the tiniest sweat on your quest to find -- and catch -- a Charmander. For example, someone in Portland is charging $30 per person to drive players around to the city's Pokéstops and Gyms for two hours -- they'll even throw in snacks and drinks. Other listings offer hourly rates and free Wi-Fi, per the report.

Although breaking down and paying for such a service is basically the epitome of lazy (and arguably cheating!), you have to admit an ad on New York Craigslist makes it sound pretty damn appealing:

"Don’t want to walk especially in the heat, humidity, or rain for a bunch of km’s to hatch your eggs, visit Pokéstops, go to gyms, or get items?" the ad states. "Looking for Pokémon the don’t reside where you do? Let’s make your Pokémon go experience more SAFE and comfortable?" Obviously, the answers to both of those questions are "yes," right?

OR, you can just suck it up, save your money, and get a enjoy some mild exercise -- and maybe some insane surprises -- on your quest to catch 'em all, or really, just a damn Pikachu already. Good luck.

h/t Gizmodo

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and feels like this whole concept can go all sorts of wrong. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.
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