People Aren't Having Sex and the Election Is to Blame

less sex during election

The 2016 presidential election is just days from climaxing and it can't come soon enough. The election has already proven it has the power to make people stop watching porn and seeing nude statues of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton isn't likely to make anyone particularly turned on. 

A new survey from the fertility app Kindara shows it's not just Americans' desire to watch porn that's gone limp in the face of an excruciatingly long election season, people are having less sex. Maybe that's why "death by meteor" is polling so well.

Users are reporting their sex lives have taken a hit during the election. Though, there are notable differences in the ways it has impacted Democrats versus Republicans. Among those surveyed by Kindara, Republican women were more likely to report that sex was of higher importance than watching debates (67 percent versus 50 percent for Democrats). They were also more likely to say they're looking forward to sex on election day more than actually voting. Overall, 11 percent of women said the debates had a negative impact on their sex life.

For context, there was a slight edge to Republican respondents in regard to the amount of sex they normally had. They reported having sex 2.5 times per week compared to 2.3 for their electoral opposition. "Democrats seem to be the most affected by campaign negativity with 19 percent of respondents indicating a negative impact on their sex lives (compared to 9 percent of Republicans)," the survey states. 

It's interesting data, even if it's not the most representative survey. The surveyed group was comprised of 928 American women who are users of the app. Nonetheless, "election anxiety" appears to be decreasing libido and it makes sense. It's been a tense election season, thus the success of maps helping locate the bar nearest your polling location. There's no doubt everyone could use a release from the election-induced tension ASAP. 

h/t Daily Dot

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