America, Brace Yourselves for a Pepperoni Shortage

All the more reason to buy locally.

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LightField Studios/shutterstock
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In 2017 Domino's created a high tech solution to what was, at the time, the biggest problem in Big Pepperoni: how the popular topping was sometimes poorly spread on a pie. But 2020 has challenged meat production in society-altering ways, and it seems neither pizza chains nor the producers themselves can save us from the latest spicy sausage travesty.  

According to Bloomberg, pepperoni is getting a lot more expensive, and a far greater threat to our nation than the Dr Pepper shortage looms on the horizon. Shop owners are reporting sky-rocketing prices per pound of pepperoni across the country. A restaurant owner in the pizza capital of the world (obviously NYC... sorry, Jersey) told Bloomberg he saw a rise of $2 per pound, and a shop manager in South Dakota witnessed local prices jump, from $2.87 per pound to $4.12. 

The reason? America's favorite topping is actually low on the meatpacking priority list, because it doesn't reap a major profit. A food service consultant explained to the publication that pepperoni production requires a lot of labor, and since the industry is already struggling to toe the COVID-19 safety guidelines with its more lucrative meats, pepperoni is taking a backseat. 

But don't start panicking about your Domino's pizza. Bloomberg explained that big companies often sign contracts far in advance and are less affected by conditions in the meatpacking industry. This means two things: 1) your Domino's pizza prices probably won't soar like your more recent grocery bills and 2) you should probably order pizza from your local spot of you want it to stay open. 

h/t Bloomberg

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