PepsiCo Claims Its New Drink Will Help You Relax

Driftwell contains magnesium and 200mg of L-theanine.

Courtesy of Pepsi

Now that we're road tripping instead of luxuriating in hotels -- and/or reading the news more often -- getting quality shut eye is a bit more difficult than it was last year at this time. But we shouldn't have to rely on sleep medications to put us out night after night. We should be able to rely on *checks notes* PepsiCo's newest relaxation beverage, Driftwell? 

This is arguably the strangest innovation since Crystal Pepsi, which was also caffeine free, but had a name that suggested the opposite. The food and beverage company announced September 14 that Driftwell, set to release online nationwide in December, is a calorie- and sugar-free, non-carbonated water with notes of blackberry and lavender. It also contains two ingredients that aid in sleep.

The first ingredient is L-theanine, an amino acid popular among more holistic insomniacs. It's found in tea leaves, and most mushroom coffees sold in LA. The second ingredient is magnesium, which is a more universally known sleep promoter that also helps regulate muscle and nerve function, as well as blood sugar levels. You'll only be getting around 10% of your daily magnesium from the 7.5oz mini cans, however, so you probably shouldn't drop your regular pill if that's an important vitamin for you. 

The drink is set to be released in stores at the beginning of next year, just at the peak of seasonal depression.

“We started this project before COVID, but especially now with all the stress, we’re juggling a lot of things and need sleep,” says Emily Silver, vice president of innovation and capabilities at PepsiCo Beverages North America, told Fast Company. “The concentration around sleep wellness or sleep hygiene has massively increased in the last few years.”

A soda company's effort to address sleep wellness and sleep hygiene reminds me a bit of when Burger King started selling "reduced methane emission burgers," but at least we'll get some vitamins? 

PepsiCo has since reached out to Thrillist saying Driftwell aids in relaxation, but that the company cannot claim it aids in sleep.

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