Your Kids Can Eat a Free 7-Course Meal at Per Se

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Unless you can expense thousand-dollar business lunches or your parents foot the bill for a fancy family dinner, you'll probably never eat at Chef Thomas Keller's acclaimed NYC dining institution, Per Se, without blowing hundreds of dollars. While many can only dream of a multi-course fine dining experience there, it turns out kids will get it all for free next month. Really.

Here's the deal:

Children 16 years-old or younger who have never dined at Per Se -- aka most children -- will be served a free seven-course menu courtesy of Keller at Per Se on Sunday, September 18th, from 11am to 1:30pm, according to a short blurb buried at the bottom of a local restaurant news roundup from The New York Times. Of course, there's a catch: the adults who take their children for a taste of the typically pricey fine dining experience will have to cough up $215 per person (not including drinks), which is actually $40 less than the usual price for a Sunday lunch of the same size. Or, you can always enjoy a lunch of leftover pizza like a normal person.

Despite a less than flattering review from The New York Times' food critic earlier this year and even falling from the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, Per Se is arguably still among the best restaurants in NYC, if not the planet. In other words, if this turns out to be your best chance at eating there in the foreseeable future, you should probably take it. After all, Keller's signature Oysters and Pearls dish is one of the 50 NYC foods you should eat before you die. You might want to get on that. 

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