Perrier's New Drinks Have as Much Caffeine as a Cup of Coffee

For that inevitable midday slump.

Courtesy of Perrier
Courtesy of Perrier

Energy drinks are admittedly a little scary. I mean, you've seen the warning labels on those bad boys. But that doesn't mean we aren't immune to the allure of a quick caffeine fix. We just don't necessarily want to risk uncomfortable caffeine sweats for it. Cue: Perrier.

The French bubbly water maker is unleashing its all-new Energize flavors, infused with caffeine, in Pomegranate, Tangerine, and Grapefruit. Unlike other energy drinks, which are packed with tons of caffeine, Perrier's include 99 milligrams—just as much as your standard cup of coffee. It's also USDA organic certified and gets that kick entirely thanks to its plant-based ingredients, like yerba mate extracts and organic green coffee.

The Perrier Energize is reportedly rolling out to retailers this weekend, but you can already snag an 18-can variety pack on Amazon for $22. The in-store 10-packs will go for $6.49 while you can also pick up single flavors for $1.99. 

Courtesy of Perrier

Of course, you can always go the sweepstakes route. According to a rep for the company, Perrier is giving away freebies via its Twitter account this weekend. Just follow @PerrierUSA, watch for the official announcement, and have the hashtags #PerrierEnergize and #Sweepstakes ready. Full rules will be released Thursday and the contest is expected to close March 15. You'll need the extra boost after daylight savings, after all.  

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.