Person Opens Door Expecting Dog, Is Charged by Furious Black Bear

One of the best parts about human civilization is that we're fairly insulated from giant terrifying bears. But look no further than right here to find proof that just living in a home isn't enough to guarantee that nature won't pay you a personal visit (and not the nice kind where a super-chill bear hangs out in your hot tub).

That's exactly what happens in the video above, in which a resident of Woodland Park, Colorado opened their front door on July 21, 2018 and found that the wild had found its way into their home.

"I opened my front door thinking it was a dog," recounted the person who shot the video. "Turned out it was a female black bear mother who was very agitated that I was between her and her cubs. She briefly charged at me, sending me flying back into my house."

It's not like the bear was out in the yard either. It was seriously right outside the door. Thankfully, they were able to get back inside fairly quickly, but it's an unsettling watch. 

Everyone move to cities. 


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