Personal Trainers Taste Test Junk Food, Are Mostly Human

For anyone harboring ambitions of staying true to their New Year's resolution of exercising, a personal trainer might seem like an impossible ideal or maybe Satan's messenger on Earth. Either way, they can appear inhuman with their ability to not order dessert, drink light beers, and stay away from bread like terrible sandwich-hating monsters.

However, it turns out they're human after all. They may simply have better self-control when it comes to garbage foods. In a new video at the Facts. YouTube channel, personal trainers are forced to eat junk food where everyone can see them do it. 

The good news is people who are in shape aren't wired differently. Presented with a deeply chocolatey donut one trainer remarks, "You know when you die and go to heaven? You're probably greeted with one of these."

Another trainer defensively notes they too bleed a reddish brown. "Everyone thinks we're personal trainers and we never touch bad things, but we're human too," she says.

The big difference is self-control. While chowing down on a Whopper, one trainer remarks, "Tastes good. But again it's like, is it worth it?" Many would say yes. But the trainer is probably right. It takes hours and hours to burn off a meal like that. It's probably isn't worth it. Probably.

At least you know your trainer at the gym really wants a donut too. 

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