Peru Will Soon Offer Digital Nomad Visas

The country is planning to allow foreigners to stay and work there up to 365 days.

Peru will soon be the new entry in the South American roster of countries offering digital nomad visas.

In an effort to boost its economy and cultural exchange, the country has recently announced that it is planning to introduce a visa allowing foreign workers to stay in the country for up to 365 days, Euronews reports. Currently, US visitors can head to Peru on a visa-free basis, but their stay is limited to a maximum of 183 days.

Once the 365 days are up, though, digital nomads will have the possibility to extend their stay. Reportedly, Peru hopes that, with the new initiative, more international professionals will travel to the country with the ultimate goal of investing in local businesses and pursuing new business ventures by obtaining an investor visa.

In terms of eligibility, anyone who works for an international company outside of Peru is allowed to apply, and they won't need a separate work visa to become digital nomads in the country. The timeline for the start of the new digital visa program is still unclear, but Peru announced it will become available once the new changes to Peru's Migration Law have been regulated, published, and put into effect.

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