Pete Davidson Is Helming Taco Bell's Breakfast Pop-Up Campaign

Three cities will be getting their own Taco Bell Breakfast pop-ups.

Taco Bell is launching a multi-city breakfast tour as part of its "apology" for creations of breakfast menus past. As part of this campaign, Taco Bell has enlisted Pete Davidson for "The Apology" ad video. In it, Davidson, of Saturday Night Live and celebrity dating bingo fame, eats a Taco Bell Breakfast Crunchwrap.

"Taco Bell has enlisted the help of Brand Apologist Pete Davidson to apologize for taking innovation to unwelcomed heights with some of its past breakfast innovations," a press release for the company explains. Basically, instead of offering super over-the-top items on the breakfast menu, Taco Bell is offering its customers morning classics.

"I like to think I might be the muse behind Live Más, which is probably why they brought me on to apologize for their maybe-too-extreme innovations in the mornings," said Pete Davidson, Taco Bell Brand Apologist, in a video ad. "Taco Bell got too caught up with today's hustle and forgot people like to ease into their morning with tasty, simple food. Here to stay are delicious burritos and Crunch-things or Crunchwraps or whatever they're called."

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To ring in the new phase of mornings with Taco Bell, the chain is transforming three locations in the U.S. into dreamy breakfast experiences. Between October 20 and October 23, you’ll be able to feast on the new, simplified Taco Bell breakfast on the Las Vegas Strip, Wrigleyville in Chicago, and at the Times Square Cantina in New York City. The Breakfast Crunchwrap will be served all day long while supplies last.

The exact locations for these breakfast pop-ups are:

  • Las Vegas: 3717 S Las Vegas Blvd Suite 140-A, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Chicago: 1107 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613
  • New York City: 1501 Broadway New York, NY 10036

Outside of these pop-up locations, customers can order from the breakfast video from open until 11 am. The Breakfast Crunchwrap with Sausage, Breakfast Quesadilla with Steak, and Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito with Potato are available and totally customizable so you can go as wild as you’d like.

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