MLB Team Mascot Shoots Woman in the Face With Hot Dog Canon, Sends Her to Hospital

It's a quintessentially American scene: The Phillie Phanatic rolling through Citizens Bank Stadium with a hot dog cannon strapped to a golf cart. He pulls the trigger and lets the free processed meat projectiles fly into the stands. One of them slams into a woman's face, sending her to the hospital. 

Kathy McVay was the flying hot dog's unfortunate victim on Monday. She was watching the Phillies take on the St. Louis Cardinals from behind home plate when the airborne tube-steak careened into her face, reports ABC News. 

"And then the next thing I know he shot it in our direction, and bam! It hit me like a ton of bricks. My glasses flew," McVay told reporters.

McVay wound up in the emergency room to be checked out for a potential concussion. Thankfully, she only suffered bruising on her face. McVay says she wasn't able to dodge the hotdog, which was wrapped in duct-tape, because of a shoulder injury that she's waiting to receive surgery for. Because of that injury, the hot dog left a pretty devastating mark. 

“I have a small hematoma in my eye,” she said. “And mostly, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. It’s going to go down the side of my face.”

McVay is taking it in stride, though. A big time Phillies fan, she has no intention of suing the team or its beloved mascot, the Phanatic -- a big, green, wacky monster with an oblong nose shaped like a horn. However, she did take time to warn sports fans of the perils of projectile stadium food. She told Phillies fans "just to be aware, because you never know." 

And yeah, McVay graciously accepts the inherent humor of her predicament: "It gives people a good laugh, and if that makes somebody chuckle, then that's fine." 

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