Bud Light Promised Free Beer for All of Philadelphia If the Eagles Win the Super Bowl

Before the season starts, people make all kinds of crazy predictions and promises they hope no one remembers. "This is the year the Browns turn it around." "I'll donate a dollar to charity for every yard thrown by a back-up like, let's say, Case Keenum." "I can eat 75 buffalo wings in one sitting." That kind of thing. 

Bud Light might have a regret like this. In a preseason interview, Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson said, "I have a lot to prove to this city…. I think if we have a few big years and make the playoffs, if we win a Super Bowl, I'm giving out beer to everybody." That's a big promise.

Bud Light turned it into a bet.

The company made a promise to a city of 1.5 million people so crazy police have to bust out Crisco in bulk to stop its citizens from climbing lampposts. (That didn't stop them.) Naturally, people in Philadelphia, including Johnson, took note. 

Most people, including a weirdly relentless dude named Colin in the Bud Light mentions, refused to forget the tweet. Now that the Eagles are one win from making the city of Philadelphia very happy, people want to know if this was a bluff.

That doesn't appear to be the case.

In a statement provided to Thrillist, Bud Light says they won't reveal what they're planning, because, you know, jinxes, but they're going to make good on the promise. Here's the full statement:

"Congrats to the Eagles on earning a trip to Super Bowl LII! We still plan to honor our commitment and have an epic celebration, but true friends of the crown never assume victory, so in the interest of not jinxing the team, we will keep our plans under wraps until the outcome of the Super Bowl is determined.

"We look forward to delivering on our promise and sharing a few beers with our friends in Philly should the Eagles bring home the Lombardi Trophy. Fly Eagles Fly and just this once – Philly Philly."

Most of the country is prepared to once again cheer against the Tom Brady machine on February 4 in Minneapolis. However, Bud Light is giving everyone one more reason to cheer for the underdogs: To find out how Bud Light could possibly endeavor to make good on this ludicrous situation.

It'll be enough to keep dog-faced Eagles fans saying "Philly Philly" until the Lombardi Trophy is awarded.

h/t CBS

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