Here's What Happened When a TikToker Put His Phone on a Baggage Claim Conveyor Belt

A wholesome (but risky!) game you can try while waiting for your luggage.

Photo courtesy of TikTok
Photo courtesy of TikTok

If you and your friends are bored at baggage claim and are hopelessly waiting to get out of the airport, we might have a way for you to get distracted and possibly get in some laugh.

Actually, scratch that—we don't have a way, but TikTok does. In a video by TikToker @noahshnacky, which recently went viral on the platform racking up more than 4 million views, a group of friends decided to test out a new game. With one phone, they FaceTimed another friend in the group, who picked up the call and then placed the phone face up for a trip around the luggage belt.

What comes next, you ask? Nothing, just staring at your screen and waving at all the passengers who will casually look at the phone and wonder why the hell they're on someone's FaceTime—and who the hell are those people waving. In the video, an older traveler is seen wearing a confused look. "That's a phone," he can be seen mouthing, as he points in the direction of the camera. The group of friends on the other end of the FaceTime call are laughing and waving, similar to the TikTok trend of people sending their smartphones on a journey around the conveyor belt at sushi restaurants (a trend some sushi restaurants themselves have bemoaned).

The game is wholesome, pretty pointless, and maybe a little risky, somehow. Basically, the point is that if you manage to get your phone back after a whole belt round, you win—so maybe don't do this with your brand new phone, or if you're in a foreign country and that's the only way you can stay in touch with friends and family!

Check out the viral TikTok below:

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