A Massive Pig Challenged a Police Officer to a Dance-Off and Got Schooled

pig dance-off police
Facebook | Kingston Police

The pig kind of had it coming. You can't predict how good of a dancer the cop is going to be, but if your go-to move is the "Macarena," you don't have any business throwing down a dance challenge. 

The incident took place during a 24-hour dance marathon to benefit the cancer charity, MacMillan. Dan Graham, a police office in Kingston, accepted a challenge from a Percy Pig mascot to have a dance-off. Despite a questionable go-to move, the pig did pretty well. If you watch closely, it doesn't even look like the pig's feet ever touch the ground, so smooth are its moves. But Graham can dance. He wowed everyone who stopped to watch, with the exception of that lady who clearly has no respect for the moon walk.

The video was shared on Facebook by the Kingston Police, who posted it with the caption, "Couple of pigs having a dance off." Not a bad joke, but they did clarify: "Pigs stands for - Pride Integrity and Guts!" 

Watch a pig and a police officer go to it above. 

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