Pilot Spills Coffee on Plane Controls, Diverts Flight With 326 Passenger When Button Melts

This is how it usually goes when you spill something on an electronic at work. 

You: Shit!
Coworker 1: Oh, shit! 
Coworker 2: I'll get some paper towels. 
Coworker 3: Do you have any rice? Aha. 
Coworker 2: Shut up, Brian, where are we gonna get a container large enough to submerge an entire laptop in--

Well, you get the point. But THIS is how it goes when you're a pilot and you spill coffee on the air traffic controls while you're flying a plane:

The plane is diverted.

We know this, because that is what happened on February 6, on a Condor Airlines flight carrying 11 crew and 326 passengers, according to a report by CNN. A spokesperson for the airline told the news network that a 49-year-old pilot, who was flying flight DE2116 from Frankfurt, Germany to Cancun, Mexico spilled coffee on the control board and created a "minor amount of smoke in the cockpit." The plane landed safely at Shannon Airport in Ireland. 

According to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch, when the liquid spilled, the audio control panel became very hot. So hot, in fact, that one of the control panel buttons started to melt. That's when diverting the flight became necessary. 

The damage had caused "significant communication difficulty for the flight crew," per the report. They had to wear oxygen masks (no info on whether they put on their mask before assisting others). 

"After the aircraft was fully inspected and repaired by our team of engineers, the flight continued via Manchester due to the legal operating hours of the crew," said the Condor spokesperson. "As safety is always our top priority, we have comprehensively investigated this incident and reviewed the procedures of liquids in the cockpit."

The spokesperson said the crews were reminded of how to handle coffee.

"We apologize for any inconveniences the diversion might have caused to our guests," they added. 

The Air Accidents report said there were no injuries, and that the airline will ensure cup lids are provided from this point forward. But, honestly, shout out to the flight attendants for making hot coffee on a flight. Hard to come by. 

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Ruby Anderson wrote an article about coping with plane phobias that is useless now that she's learned this situation could occur.