A Pilot Reveals the Secret Bedroom Where He Naps & a Hidden Trapdoor

There's a reason you've never seen a flight attendant sleeping.

Courtesy of Boeing

Most planes that travel long-haul routes have hidden bedrooms for crewmembers. What, you thought you were the only one passed out, drooling on themselves or binge-watching movies? Flight attendants and pilots are humans too, and they need to stay energized. 

Usually, on long-haul flights, the crew takes turns working and resting in these secret compartments. The reason you’ve never seen a sleeping flight attendant is because these rooms tend to be cleverly hidden. Some are tucked behind a secret stairway inside what looks like a closet, and some are accessed through a hatch disguised as an overhead bin. Depending on the plane, some are single rooms, some have bunk beds, and some have many beds laid out next to each other. Crew members will have keys to get in.

Bjorn, a Swedish pilot, just uploaded a video to his YouTube channel that exposes one of these hidden bedrooms on an Airbus 350 plane.

He starts the video, titled “Showing Some Fancy Secrets Of The Magnificent Airbus 350,” by showing a “flight rest compartment where the crew can take a short nap.”

The area, which he says is located above business class, includes a seat and two beds separated by a curtain. A lack of windows makes the space extra dark and cozy, though there are reading lights.

Next, he takes viewers to the cockpit, where there’s a small trapdoor in the floor that he says leads to the “avionics compartment” via a small ladder. “It’s the first time I’m down here,” he says. “It’s full of computers and lots of stuff.” Another trapdoor and ladder lead to the plane’s nose, while another door, which he opens, leads to the cargo area.

The more you know.

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