This Ridiculous Ping Pong Ball Cannon Is a Kid's Dream Toy

If you haven't heard of Jörg Sprave, it's not an Icelandic prog-rock band. No, Jörg Sprave is the German mastermind behind The Slingshot Channel, which frequently uploads videos of his projectile inventions to YouTube. Some are crazy, like a Coke bottle crossbow. His latest devious device, thankfully, is less lethal, but honestly, cooler. Namely: a ping pong ball cannon.

In a new YouTube upload, Sprave details this ping pong gatling gun, which will apparently be used on a British game show on contestants who answer questions incorrectly. That, as Sprave explains in the video, required him to ratchet down the force propelling the ping pong balls. Fortunately, he didn't have to ratchet down the fun -- or his insidious laughter. Seriously, the guy sounds like a Bond villain -- and his listed hobbies of "weightlifting, collecting fountain pens and knives," don't do much to change that notion.

There's not a ton more to say, other than this is like a next-level Nerf gun your 10-year-old self would have killed to get your 10-year-old trigger finger on. If you really want to, check out more of his wares here.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He was fine with foam-dart guns as a kids. This would have clearly been better. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.