This Major Airport Is Auctioning Off 10,000 Items From the Lost & Found, Including Cars

I lose things -- keys, jewelry, every pair of sunglasses I've ever owned, you name it. But for those of you (my fellow forgetful messes of the world!) that may be on a similar streak, now's your chance to possibly recoup what's gone missing. Or maybe even gain from another absentminded traveler's loss.

The Pittsburgh International Airport is auctioning off 10,000 items from the lost and found on Saturday. And from the sound of it, they've got quite the stock. According to local CBS affiliate KDKA, the lot includes a Keurig, scuba gear, a snow blower, and yep, even cars. If you're toying with the idea of a new language, there's also a 2,500-page English-Vietnamese dictionary up for grabs.

The entire list of items is available online, so you can peruse before the auction.

The event isn't new, though. The Pittsburgh International Airport has been auctioning off these castaways for years, with all proceeds benefiting local organizations. They also routinely donate clothing and prescription glasses to Pittsburgh non-profit organizations.

In 2018, the airport collected $180,000 -- a 1997 Rodgers 35-ton detach lowboy trailer was the highest-earner with a $22,000 bid. "Anything that was lost and found, the money that we get from that, we donate to charity," airport spokesperson Bob Kerlik told Fox News in 2017.

Butttt if there's a chance you forgot some jewelry or, I don't know, tires (they've got quite a few), you should probably stop by. The event will be held at the Heavy Equipment Building on Cargo Road at the Pittsburgh Airport on October 19. Doors open 8am and someone's used water cooler will be up for auction by 10am. You can start bidding online early, too.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her @MegSchaltegger