This Pizzeria's $10 Giant Slices Are as Big as a Whole Pizza

No, we may not live in a perfect world, but we do live in one where some of us can theoretically indulge our most gluttonous desires, especially if they involve pizza. One New York destination has decided to rip off the limiters on its pizza production and go full hog, with a giant, two-foot-long slice that goes for just $10.

When Yonkers pizza establishment The Pizza Barn first introduced its heroic Super Slice, it instantly took off, with local news outlets proclaiming that thousands of customers from the tristate area were flocking to get a piece of the action. The Super Slice is real, it's insanely popular, and you can even get it topped with a metric shit-ton of mac 'n' cheese, if you so desire.

It's the brainchild of Pizza Barn owner Angelo DeLuca. "I was thinking I wanted to do something different. Something bigger," DeLuca told PIX11 News.

If the photos of satisfied customers below are any indication, his logic seems to have paid off. You can inhale a regular cheese Super Slice at the Pizza Barn in Yonkers, NY, for $10, or shell out extra up to $24 for toppings like cheeseburger-and-fries, mac 'n' cheese, and pepperoni. Not a bad deal, all things considered.

Eric Vilas-Boas is a writer and editor at Thrillist. Follow him @e_vb_.