Pizza Hut Is Offering 50% Off Pizzas Until January 9

Face it, your New Year’s resolution was always flimsy. Getting to the gym everyday is for people with real determination. You’d rather consign yourself the couch, where you can swipe Tinder and hibernate like the reclusive creature you’ve always been.

And luckily, you can do this in the company of some Pizza Hut, as the company is currently offering a 50% discount on all menu-priced pizza orders from now until January 9. That’s right, stew in your blankets, crank the Netflix, and order the hell out of some seriously discounted pies. Or, in other words, eat your New Year’s resolution into oblivion.

The discount only applies to orders placed online and through the Pizza Hut app, the company noted in a statement. The deal only applies to pizza, so don’t expect to get breadsticks and a giant soda for half-price. You also still have to tip your delivery person, because you aren’t a special snowflake un-beholden to the rules.

According to David Timm, the chain’s Chief Marketing Officer, the promotion is to help customers save money after the holidays. "The weeks after the holiday season can be financially tight for many," he said in the statement. "With this quick and easy offer, we're making sure Pizza Hut fans can enjoy the pizza they love without breaking the bank."

Happy New Year! Let’s gorge.

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