Pizza Hut's Adding New 'Hut Lanes' for Digital Pickup Orders

Do The Hut Lane!

Pizza Hut's new Hut Lane enables digital drive-thru pickup.
Pizza Hut

Although it is not the first to add a dedicated digital order pickup drive-thru lane, Pizza Hut is, as far as we can Google, the first to give its own addition to the genre a darling little name: The Hut Lane! Cute!

If you’re looking to cruise the The Hut Lane, you must first understand the rules of The Hut Lane. First, tap up Pizza Hut’s app or site, or even call in your order. Then, put on your coolest shades (optional), peer into your rearview mirror, pop your collar, and roll on through the lane the Hut made just for you. The Hut Lane!

"We are giving our customers a variety of options to optimize their pizza-eating experience as we build on our business momentum, chief customer and operations officer Nicolas Burquier said in a statement. "Not only do we offer industry-leading, innovative menu items that are only available at Pizza Hut, we also offer several digital-first pick-up options for our customers, and The Hut Lane is a great example of that."

Pizza Hut is adding Hut Lanes to 1,500 of its locations to start, with more to come. Orders placed through locations without Hut Lanes will be redirected through that location’s contactless curbside pickup option, instead. 

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