Pizza Hut's Adding a Plant-Based Beyond Sausage Pizza to Its National Menu

It's the first national pizza chain to offer a plant-based alternative.

pizza hut beyond meat
Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

Last year, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods stormed fast-food menus. In 2020, the plant-based meat alternatives have been slowly working their way to more and more pizzerias. Now, it's finally hitting a major, nationally available pizza chain. 

Pizza Hut has announced a partnership with Beyond Meat to bring its new Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza to locations across the United States as well as a few shops in London. The Beyond Italian Sausage is seasoned with garlic, onion, fennel, and paprika, giving it a taste that's shockingly close to that of Pizza Hut's usual pork sausage. 

It is not, however, going to be a permanent menu item. At least, not yet. "This isn't going away," David Graves, Chief Brand Officer for Pizza Hut, said while talking about plant-based meat alternatives during a taste test with Thrillist. The company has previously tested products with Beyond in small markets, but this is the first nationwide rollout of the plant-based sausage that was developed with Pizza Hut.

It's significant each time a major food brand like Pizza Hut begins to offer plant-based alternatives, even if this isn't a permanent menu item. But Pizza Hut is far from the first to offer plant-based alternatives on pizza. California Pizza Kitchen recently unveiled its  BBQ “Don’t Call Me Chicken” Pizza with a plant-based chicken alternative, Blaze Pizza has vegan chorizo, dozens of places offer vegan cheese alternatives, ZPizza uses Beyond's meats, and the list goes on. Still, none come close to Pizza Hut's reach with more than 7,000 US locations

The company hasn't said how long you can expect to see the Beyond-crafted sausage on the menu, but it did make it clear that this isn't going to be the last time they'll be working together. "Beyond is going to be back on the menu," Graves said. 

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