Pizza Hut Is Giving Away Free Pizza Every Day in October

 pizza hut national pizza month deal
Courtesy of Pizza Hut

National Pizza Month is all well and good. Everyone likes pizza. Everyone likes a discount. But, if we're being honest, having pizza feels like any ol' regular day. Having a free pizza? That's a real celebration. 

Pizza Hut is taking to Reddit, of all places, to make the month feel like a genuine cause for celebration. The chain will be giving away free pizza every day in October for National Pizza Month. It's not just a slice, you can land a $20 gift card every day, which is more than enough to leave you full of cheese and dough. Or maybe it'll be a good opportunity to satisfy your morbid curiosity about that Cheez-It pizza thing

To get your slice of the pie, go to the r/Random_Acts_of_Pizza subreddit and find the daily prompts from Pizza Hut. Inside each day's thread, you'll find instructions on how to become the big winner. A representative tells Thrillist that the prompts in the thread will change daily, but all you'll have to do to win is respond to the prompt.

The pizza chain that reminds you most of a Star Wars character will also be running its $5N Up Lineup deal all month. Order at least two items from the menu and you'll get each of them for five bucks. That menu includes a medium one-topping pizza, eight boneless wings, stuffed garlic knots, pasta, a double order of breadsticks, or that Cheez-It pizza thing that has people pretty polarized. Free pizza, though? That's definitely not polarizing. 

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