We Tried Pizza Hut's New Detroit-Style Pizza to See if It's Any Good

It might not wow purists, but it's a great Pizza Hut menu item.

Pizza hut Detroit style taste test
Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

On January 26, Pizza Hut announced the launch of its own take on Detroit-style pizza. The style is far from new, but its popularity has grown to the point where one of the world's largest pizza purveyors is going for it. 

It's a notable development for lovers of the style and ubiquitous chain pizza enthusiasts, and maybe something that will be lamented by Detroit-style pizza purists. More important than its temporary existence on the Pizza Hut menu, however, is whether or not it's any good at all. If you are, for some reason, hoping that this is a misstep on par with hot dog-stuffed crust, you might be disappointed. We got our hands on the new menu offering, and it's tasty.

The Good

There are a few different versions of Pizza Hut's Detroit Style Pizza hitting menus. I tried the Double Pepperoni. With 80 slices of pepperoni, this small pizza—there's only one pan size, and they're not repurposed from automotive plants—is densely packed with the little red discs. The pizza comes with a layer of Pizza Hut's signature pepperoni near the dough. Then on top, you get a separate layer of its new crispy cup pepperoni. 

The deluge of pepperoni brings the salt levels as high as a co-headlining tour with Willie Nelson and Snoop, but it's a surprisingly decent balance for a pizza so covered in meat. Additionally, the crispy cups are a nice texture, even if they're on the thin side for what you expect when you normally order those beautiful, curling, crispy grease saucers. 

Sitting atop the meat, you get a generous line of tomato sauce. Yes, a line. The sauce comes drizzled in two thick lines down the length of the pizza. This is a new sauce for the chain, and it's a bit sweet. Yet, it compensates for that by tasting relatively fresh; that is, it tastes less processed than Pizza Hut's standard sauce, with the sense that this was genuinely made with tomatoes instead of an approximation of tomato flavor. The proofed dough strikes a balance I like in a Detroit-style pizza where it's thick but doesn't feel like you want to make a joke about how it's actually a casserole.

The Not-So-Good

Almost all of the positive points come from ingredients that are exclusive to the Detroit Style Pizza, and they have to overcome a dough that's just fine and cheese that is bland and unexciting. The cheese, which runs from edge to edge, browned and crispy, is a different story. It's a familiar blend for the chain that can come across a little sweet and bland (aside from being plenty salty). 

The Verdict

Still, the Detroit Style Pizza is a solid new addition for the pizza chain. It's not going to compare to your favorite Detroit-style pizza at a local shop. But you probably didn't expect that from Pizza Hut. If the Detroit Style Pizza is not the best pizza currently on the Pizza Hut menu, it's close. 

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow Dustin Nelson on Twitter.