Pizza Hut's New Pizza Is 2 Different Pizzas in a Single Box for $12.99

Double pizzas are coming to your door for contactless delivery.

pizza hut double it box
Courtesy of Pizza Hut
Courtesy of Pizza Hut

What pizza lover hasn't opened a delivery box and hoped to find two pizzas inside? It doesn't make sense, but maybe it was some cosmic mistake that brought you double the pizzas that, gasp, ar both perfectly edible and not a mess. It's a miracle! (Just me?)

Pizza Hut has launched a pizza that kind of creates that feeling. Though, it's not magical, and you definitely wind up with the amount of pizza it looks like you're getting based on the size of the box. The Double it Box isn't really about magical feelings as much as it's about getting two different pizzas so you don't have to compromise on toppings with friends or family who don't respect your love of green olives and banana peppers. 

The Double it Box comes with two medium rectangular pizzas in a single box. A few versions are being released nationwide on Monday, August 10, including one that contains a pair of one-topping pizzas for $12.99. You could step it up from there to get one one-topping pizza and one specialty for $15.99, or two specialties for $18.99. Though the price and availability might change a bit depending on the location.

It's a novel and relatively affordable version of half the toppings on one side. Plus, you'll get no complaints about how one of your banana peppers wound up on the Hawaiian side of the pizza, and the comingling of the two is just unacceptable. 

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