These Pizza Hut Sneakers Deliver a Pizza to Wherever You're Standing

Pizza Hut Sneakers
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

Companies will put together all kinds of horrible ideas to get your attention. But every now and then one of those ideas stumbles on serendipitous brilliance. It's still absurd but there's a seed of genius in there. Like these "Pie Tops" from Pizza Hut. 

On the surface, they look like pretty standard red and white sneakers with a Pizza Hut logo (which is admittedly not that standard). But below the surface, they're a Bluetooth-enabled pizza machine. By pressing on the tongue as though you're about to pump your kicks, you can order a pizza to wherever the hell you're standing. 

The Bluetooth button in the shoes' tongue connects to the user's smartphone and places the order. The sneakers automatically order a $7.99 large supreme, but can be set to a different default order. 

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Pizza Hut

ESPN's Darren Rovell reports there are only 64 pairs of the shoes. That number makes sense since the whole thing is a March Madness promotion aimed at highlighting how easy it is to order pizza from the chain.

Pizza Hut hasn't said how they'll distribute them. But now that you've seen it, doesn't it feel like all shoes should have a button to automatically order your favorite food to wherever you're standing?

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