Pizza Hut Is Finally Unleashing Plant-Based Pepperoni

Plant-based pepperoni is finally coming out from Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut plant-based pepperoni beyond
Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut
Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

Plant-based meat substitutes on pizza have been trickling out much slower than plant-based burgers and even plant-based chicken options at quick-service restaurants. Burgers and sandwiches have become almost standard. Plant-based pizza toppings are available at local restaurants and smaller chains but have only had small, limited runs at the major pizza chains. 

Pizza Hut is finally giving plant-based pepperoni a go. The ubiquitous chain is rolling out the new option through its partnership with Beyond Meat, which previously saw the Hut putting out a plant-based sausage for a short test run. (It was pretty good.) This new option isn't getting a sweeping nationwide release, but with the popularity of plant-based alternatives, it's easy to imagine this rolling out nationally, eventually. 

Starting August 10, Pizza Hut will be testing the Beyond pepperoni in five US cities. You're going to be able to give it a try in Albany, New York; Columbus, Georgia; Macon, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; and Houston, Texas. 

Pizza Hut is not the first national pizza chain to try plant-based pepperoni on the menu. Little Caesars recently did it using a pepperoni from Field Roast. The Little Caesars Planteroni is no longer available nationally. It's still being served in six cities, though. (Cities and suburbs of Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Portland, and Detroit.) Hopefully, a chain can manage to make it a permanent option in the near future. 

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