Pizza Hut Is Giving 30 Days of Horror Films for Free

You can get 30 days of Shudder for free from Pizza Hut.

pizza hut free shudder deal
Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

The list of things to love about Halloween is lengthy. Near the top of the list, along with absurd yard decorations and having a sack full of candy in the cupboard, is watching a whole lot of horror movies

Pizza Hut is offering a side of horror movies so it's easy to find something that will give you nightmares. Along with a deal on Stuffed Crust Pizza, Pizza Hut is giving out free 30-day trials of Shudder, a streaming service devoted to horror films. Seriously, you aren't likely to run out of options on Shudder. Horror movies are the only thing it does.

While you finally sit down to watch Mandy or catch up on a classic like Carnival of Souls, you can pair up your viewing with Stuffed Crust Pizza. The ubiquitous pizza shop is offering a large Stuffed Crust for $12.99 starting October 26, the same day you can start grabbing your Shudder trial.

The trial can be redeemed anytime from October 26-30 with the code "STUFFEDCRUST." Though, if you miss that and still want to try the service, there's a seven-day trial option available if you're new to Shudder.

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