Pizza Hut Is Offering Stuffed Crust Without the Rest of the Pizza

Stuffed crust, minus the pizza.

stuffed crust pizza hut
Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut
Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

The national pizza chains are not opposed to trying stunts to get your attention. Seasonal shapesquesadilla pizzas and, uh, mozzarella popper stuffed pizza are just part of the fabric of that world. Even hot dog or tater tot crust pizza doesn't surprise anyone anymore.

It's not always just something new for the sake of something new, however. Not every "innovation" is a cheeseburger crust-level head-scratcher. Sometimes the pizza box doubles as a field for finger football, and sometimes you get the original Stuffed Crust pizza. The latter was a pretty big deal when it landed about 25 years ago. It's still popular, as evidenced by Papa John's releasing its first stuffed crust pizza in December. Pizza Hut wants to remind you who did it first by letting you order the stuffed crust without the pizza.

Yup, just the crust stuffed with cheese, 86 the pizza. It's called Nothing But Stuffed Crust, and it's on menus for a very short run starting January 5. Unfortunately, you're only getting that at locations in Los Angeles and Dallas. You can get it for free from January 5-7. It'll be given to the first 50 customers that make a $10 purchase at each location that's carrying the ring of dough and cheese. However, you have to call in your order. It's not available when you order online and it's only available for carryout, no delivery or dine-in orders.

If you don't want to order a pile of crust—though, parents have been making a meal of that for years—a large, three-topping Stuffed Crust pizza will cost just $11.99 for a little while in conjunction with the release of Nothing But Stuffed Crust. If you've never heard of Stuffed Crust pizza, it's kind of like the Nothing But Stuffed Crust with a side of tomato-wetted bread and hot cheese. Mmmmm.

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