Pizza Hut Is Launching a $10 Large Pizza With 680 Topping Combinations

It's going to take you a little while to eat through all of these.

Pizza Hut Tastemaker Pizza
Courtesy of Pizza Hut

If you've ever wondered how many topping combinations you can come up with on a three-topping pizza but hate math, Pizza Hut is serving up the answer.

The ubiquitous pizza chain is launching a $10 Tastemaker deal that gets you a large hand-tossed, three-topping pizza for just $10. It's an alluring deal that will be sticking around for a while. But if you want to try every three-topping combination that's possible given Pizza Hut's menu, you're going to eat more pizza than John Schnatter claimed he ate after being ousted at Papa John's 

pizza hut tastemaker pizza deal
Courtesy of Pizza Hut

The company says there are 680 topping combinations. If you want to double-check their math, they're coming to the discussion with receipts. The deal is available now and so is a 22 1/3-month calendar that features a new one of the three-topping combinations every day for 680 straight days. 

Though, if you actually want one of the calendars, you're going to have to order a Tastemaker pizza in a hurry. The first 680 Hut Rewards members to order a Tastemaker through the Pizza Hut app will get a free calendar. The race for a calendar starts at 3pm EST on September 9. You'll need the same kind of speed as the horses in this calendar image that seem to be running away from their delivery person.

Pizza Hut Tastemaker pizza
One of the images from the Pizza Hut Tastemaker calendar. | Courtesy of Pizza Hut

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