A Bath Bomb That Looks and Smells Just Like Pizza Has People Super Confused

You don't have to be a pampering expert to know sausage and wet bread isn't a common smell for toiletries. Nonetheless, this hand-painted pizza bath bomb is real, and it doesn't just look like a slice, it smells like one too. 

The item comes from Bathesda Boutique on Etsy. Ashley, the store's purveyor, makes each bomb to order. She hand paints them into these beautiful wedges that look scarily like the real thing. If you like the novelty but don't want your bum to smell like supreme, you can customize the bomb with other scents the store offers. 

PIZZA DEMO!!! Will be up in the shop soon! 🍕🍕🍕

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The store calls the bombs "deceivingly delicious," but not everyone agreed over the weekend when this slice of tub Zen started making the rounds. People couldn't seem to decide if the idea was revolting or an enviable marriage of good things. 


Many weren't conflicted at all, however. The bombs sold out over the weekend. It makes sense. They probably go quite well with the pizza-flavored lip balm you can also find on Etsy. 

No matter how you feel about the bath bombs, it's better than making a pizza-scented bath with an actual slice of pizza. 

h/t Bustle

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